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Shiva 100hr Teacher Training Program


“A journey that goes beyond yoga poses and learning about the gods, this course, this journey is life changing. I have been given tools to truely heal and go to the depth of traumas I didn’t even know were holding me back. The masculine archetypes I have connected deeply to life, to my heart and my true authentic self. Powerful, intense inner work being held in a space so supportive and so loving. A gift, a life changing next level course.” (Dani)

ONLINE program with Personal Guidance Sessions

Through this YTT program, you are guided on a transformative journey to embrace and integrate the masculine archetypes, creating a harmonious balance in your students masculine energy. In addition to the exploration of the masculine archetypes, this YTT program offers valuable insights and teachings on incorporating these energies into your yoga classes. By infusing the practice with the qualities of the balanced masculine, you can create a transformative and empowering experience for your students.


The energy of the different archetypes will create classes that are not only physically beneficial but also add a philosophical component to create deep personal insights for both yourself and your students.

This training program gives you the best of both worlds... Online self-paced learning through your own App AND personalised one on one sessions with Anneriek herself to guide and motivate you to stay on track.

Sign up today to get access to inspiring sequences, a wealth of knowledge and personalised support to accelerate your skills as a teacher.

“The Shiva training is so much more than a yoga journey. After years of being burnt out from living in my masculine, I shut down to that part of me and spent as much time as possible in my feminine. This journey has helped me to integrate a more balanced version of the masculine back into my life that works WITH my feminine, not against it. The personal development, the practices, the incredible connections and the space that Anneriek holds is absolutely divine. I am incredibly grateful and would highly recommend it 🦋” ~Mel

100hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
Online & Self-paced

Is This For You ?

  • You are a Yoga Teacher and are looking for Level 2 additional certification.

  • You like inspiration for your teachings.

  • You want to be more creative and authentic as a teacher.

  • You like to bring Hindu mythology into your classes in a practical understandable way.

  • You want to 'spice up' your skills teaching inspired, creative yoga (flow and yin) sequences relating to the energy of the goddess archetypes.

  • You like to understand how to balance your masculine essence and how to bring this into your classes.

  • You like to live your life with more calmness and awareness, releasing old self-limiting patterns.

  • You are looking for greater insights in yourself and are looking for guidance to create a balanced happier life.

  • You are interested in connecting to your inner wisdom.

  • You want to be part of a group of like minded teachers.

"Anneriek’s knowledge, wisdom and heart in all her teachings go beyond the asana. Learning and being with each god has taught me all he has to give me and has brought my walls down and opened myself up to learn of all that is in me and all that I have to give. Blessed and grateful to have been apart of the transformative journey" (Danielle)

This 100hr online teacher training program includes:

  • Introduction session and Personal Feedback and one-on-one Guidance sessions with Anneriek

  • Access to all material through your own App or web-browser

  • For each of the 7 shiva archetypes:

    • 2 workshops with transformative, in depth information about the masculine (shiva) archetype and how to apply this in your life. Includes specific personal development exercises, playlists, guided journeys and much more.

    • 2 extra practices (gentle flow and yin)

    • YTT specific workshop with detailed teacher training specific guidance

    • Two practical assessments to deepen your learning in teaching the Shiva Sequences

    • Journalling of the practices for your own review

    • Personal guidance and feedback sessions with Anneriek

  • BONUS access to "Learn to Meditate in 30 Days" module

  • PDF version of the Shiva User Manual AND the Shiva Teacher Training manual with information about the masculine archetypes and all the practices and the sequences

  • Access to the Shiva Sequences Teachers community

On successful completion:

  • Receive a 100-hr level 2 Yoga Teacher Training certification for “The Shiva Sequences”

  • Mention as a certified teacher on the Goddess Sequences website

Teacher Training Requirements:

  • A 200hr Level 1 training certificate is required

  • Understanding of yogic concepts and poses is assumed or needs to be picked up as part of the self study.

  • Revision of all prerecorded material

  • Successful completion of all practical assignments

  • Review (journal) of Self practice of provided online Shiva Sequences practices.

  • Students have 2 years, from start date, to complete all assignments. 

COST Teacher Certification Program:

  • Limited time offer: Now ONLY A$1,500 (6 monthly payments of $250) for lifetime access (valued over $3,900). 

  • Initial payment will give you instant access to the Training and Practices in the App. Including access to all recordings, manuals and material and your one on one session with Anneriek will be scheduled to get you started.​

  • Shiva 100hr YTT

    Every month
    Shiva 100hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
    Valid for 6 months
    • 100hr Level 2 Teacher Training Program for Yoga Teachers
    • Self study with pre-recorded group training sessions
    • This certification includes:
    • Lifetime access to The Shiva Practices and Shiva Program
    • Introductory one on one session with Anneriek
    • 7 pre-recorded teacher training sessions
    • 15 Practical YTT Assignments (2 per Shiva)
    • Personal feedback and guidance by Anneriek
    • Shiva user manual and Teacher Training manuals
    • 100hr Level 2 Teacher Training Certification on completion
    • Price $1,500, with 6 monthly payments of A$250

An awakened man is a warrior of the heart.
He calls to other conscious men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to return to love."

- Daniel Nielsen

God archetyps



The four masculine archetypes may be thought of as an inner blueprint or energy configuration of your inner masculine essence. They can be well imagined as members of your Board of Directors, or as your Knights of the Round table. The energy is invisible to the eye yet it’s having its effect on how you live your life in balance.

The King is a unified state within, that allows you to govern yourself and others from a place of integrity. His confidence, purpose, and well-being gives you a supreme sense of balance. Even when the world around you becomes chaotic, your inner King remains cool, calm, and collected. You will be able to act, rather than react. You will know who you are and what you stand for. The King is represented by:

  • Brahma  - Teaches you about vision and creation and shows you that you are part of everything and everything is part of you.

  • Vishnu - Teaches you about kindness and persevering and demonstrates that how you see your world, is how the world will manifest itself to you.

The Shaman is the archetype of reflection. He connects you to your deepest insights, the wisdom of your soul. He shows you your power to transform reality by altering your mental and emotional states. He gives you the ability to explain complicated spiritual ideas in ways others can easily grasp. The Shaman is represented by:

  • Shiva - Will teach you about renewal and will help you to humble your ego and open your heart to pure consciousness and bliss.

  • Ganesh - Teaches you about strength and how to deal with obstacles that are on your (spiritual) path and shows you to look beyond outer appearances and forms.


The Warrior is the archetype of action. Tapping into your Warrior’s energy provides you with an unsurpassable courage, strength and integrity which will fuel you to reach your goals and engage in altruistic battles to serve and protect. Warrior energy helps you to take action and boldly make decisions, to not be scared of choosing the wrong option, to not live in regret. He teaches you to be calm and cool under pressure and propels you to dare greatly and to fight for a worthy cause. The Warrior is represented by:

  • Rama - Teaches you about courage and your unlimited possibilities once you let go of your restrictions and open up to the unknown.

  • Hanuman - Teaches you about commitment and loyalty and about the unlimited power that lies within your heart.


The Lover is the archetype of emotion, idealism, playfulness and sensuality. Opening you up to use all of your senses in all areas of your life. He is that part of yourself, which craves love, intimacy and emotional connection. Without the Lover it is hard to engage with life itself and you will feel empty, lonely, feeling a ‘void’ inside you. The lover is represented by:

  • Krishna - Teaches you about leadership and how to let your love for all beings flow abundantly.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 12.15.49 pm.png

The Shiva Sequences have been a catalyst for healing the wounded masculine aspects of myself and my life experience.


I have felt held and seen by both Anneriek and Robbie, who are beautiful facilitators and space holders. I felt safe to go to really deep in some of the practices and felt so supported by the group.


This is the healing salve us as humans so desperately need.


I loved the Shiva program, it helped me explore and understand myself and others as well.


It has helped me confront things in my past, no matter how small, face them and understand them.


It has helped me be more free within myself and have a better outlook on things.


A life changing experience of self examination and growth while learning and understanding my masculine qualities and embracing them unapologetically.


The whole experience handled with real love and care. The Shiva program is so so so good!!!


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