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Women in Healing and Transformative Environment

Short & Sweet

Do you prefer shorter, inspired, daily practices?

Do you like variety?

Our 21 Short & Sweet practices might be just for you !

In this program you are invited to a 'Short & Sweet' practice for daily inspiration.

Allow one of the feminine or masculine archetypes to inspire you and take you on a little journey to let you connect to a different aspect of yourself each day. Your power, your self-worth, your intuition, your grace, your peacefulness...

Some days you'll receive a yoga flow, some days mindful movement, other days a meditation or breathwork practice, and some days delightful yin yoga. All practices are 'Short & Sweet', between 8 and 23 minutes, making this program a perfect start to your day with a moment of mindfulness and self-care.

Sign up for the 21 practices program to help you come to your mat daily for personal wellbeing and inspiration.


  • 21 Short & Sweet Practices

    Lifetime Access to 21 Yoga and Meditation Practices for every day wellness

How Do I Sign Up?


  • Click SELECT to directly sign up to The 21 Day Challenge.

  • Fill in your details and don't forget your DISCOUNT code.

  • You receive an email to get INSTANT access to all the practices and the community through your Internet browser and/or the Balanced in Being App (One account gives access to all platforms)


What Do I  Get?

  • Inspiration to practice each day!

  • Enjoyable guidance by an experienced teacher.

  • Learn about your own personal power.

  • Your very own App on your Phone or iPad.

  • Connection into a beautiful  community.

  • Online access to 21 shorter yoga, guided meditation and breathwork sessionsIncludes Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, Lunar Flow and Moving Meditation 

  • Access through your browser or through the "Balanced in Being" App 

This Is For You If You:

  • Want to get into the habit of coming more regularly on your mat.

  • Like shorter practices and variety.

  • Like yoga and enjoy Vinyasa flow, Gentle Flow and/or Yin yoga classes.

  • Want to create your own home practice.

  • Are intrigued by the Hindu mythology, the goddesses and gods, and like to understand how these archetypes relate to you.

  • Like to have access to an online yoga platform to practice whenever and wherever you can.

  • Are looking for greater insights in yourself and a more balanced happier life.

  • Want to have a more authentic and balanced life.

  • Are interested in connecting to your inner wisdom.

  • Want to be part of a group of like minded people.

Sign Up is FREE

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