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What Others Say

What a wonderful journey learning to befriend the Goddesses through yoga practices, meditation and contemplation in a supportive community. 


Working as a psychologist I have found there is no more powerful tool than working intimately with archetypes, that can shine a light on our strengths and the disowned hidden gems inside us. These practices help us do just that, they reveal our hidden wholeness.

Melisah, PhD

The Goddess Sequences has given me a beautiful and unique path to deepen my yoga practise. Anneriek is such a special and gifted teacher, and her classes are creative, challenging and inspiring. 

The App is brimming with information and classes. It is such a wonderful overview of the strength and wisdom the goddesses can bring to your life. I love that I can choose to practise with any goddess that is calling me, and then choose a yoga practise that best supports my physical needs for that day, either yin, flow or meditation. 


The Goddess Sequences is a treasure trove.

Anneriek ‘s creativity and passion shine through as she shares her knowledge of the eleven goddesses with flows, yin, meditation, music & more.
The site is easy to navigate and each goddess has something unique to offer.
A rich and empowering experience awaits you! 


Following this 12 month program, everything flows so beautifully - I've even developed some beautiful friendships with people on the other side of the world. It's amazing.


To date, not only has my asana practice been enhanced but the growth each month with a different Goddess has been transformational.


I highly recommend connecting into this program.


The Goddess flows are a special and unique way to not only experience the magic of Asana, but also have a window into Hindu mythology and Yogic philosophy. 

Each practise brings Anneriek's own special magic - cultivated over her many years of practise and life learned experience. 

I feel like each God and Goddess became a part of my life as I breathed life into each form and practice. We are all deities of energy and matter that make up this wonderful universe.


I started this program not really having a clue as to where it might lead me...
Having recently retired I am trying to find a 'me' that is apart from my professional 'me'. This program has been a watershed. I am slowly finding my voice and starting to see my truth.


You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” 

- Roman Payne

The Goddess Sequences is pure magic. So grateful to be on this journey working with these Goddesses and bringing them into my life, awakening them within myself has been beyond amazing.

Anneriek your wisdom, knowledge and heart comes through in all your offerings, I am forever thankful and blessed you have created the Goddess Sequences. 

I fall in love again and again with each Goddess, and through the Goddesses with myself!


As a yoga teacher of over 10 years I am always looking for inspiration and this program most certainly delivers. I love the wisdom and power of awakening each goddess in my life.  


The website is super easy to navigate, and it is so rich in content! 


The classes are a great mix of lunar and solar flows allowing me to honour what I need in my yoga practice from day to day, yin practices, music playlists, meditations.... everything is there. 


Owner OM Yoga studio

The Goddess Sequences truly is an exciting experience. Anneriek's nurturing, supportive nature shines through from the website.

The Goddess portal flows, it’s easy to follow and entices you to explore further.


As I scroll through the website I find myself drawn into the experience of self discovery with the goddesses.


Being able to access the goddess sequences online allows me to consider the information and amazing material (which is so complete) in my own time and as many times as I need.


Having the yoga videos and the music playlists is something that I can enjoy indefinitely for which I am so grateful.


I also LOVE the Visuals of the Goddesses - the colours and their stories. 


Learning about each goddess and what they bring has been interesting and also at times confronting, it’s  almost like my therapy.


The connections I have made have been paramount and the learnings I have come to receive is something I did not expect. For the first time in my years of practice I am no longer fixated on trying to do that 'crazy advanced balance pose', but rather understand what my body and mind are doing during each practice.


The website provides so much flexibility to practise in my own space and time, while also providing the support of an amazing teacher and a community of gorgeous people through the private facebook group.
I’m finding myself more inspired in my practise than I’ve ever been - more inspired to get on my mat, more inspired to deepen my spiritual understanding, more inspired to awaken my feminine side.


The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity.” 

- Starhawk

All elements of Anneriek’s yoga practice insight inspiration in me.

The educational material  provided helps me develop my own professional career, and the Goddess website together with the comprehensive manual, allows me to access all these options easily.

To be inspired by passion is what is promised with any teachings given by Anneriek.


I am so grateful for this beautiful and powerful program.
Not only do I get to practice creative and empowering Yoga flows but I am also transported, with every new Goddess, in a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
I was certainly not expecting the powerful and positive changes that come every time I connect to a new Goddess. Changes that remain within me.


It is incredible to balance out my feminine and masculine energies while working with both the Goddesses and the Gods!

I practice the sequences often with my partner and we have had many interesting conversations about (esp) the god archetypes. The balanced masculine is quite  different than what I/we thought it would be... 

Loving it!


I love being part of the Goddess Sequence 12 month program, and to be able to do it online through zoom is incredible. 


I feel so connected with my fellow goddesses and love that we can be flowing together in a sequence even though we are all over Australia and the world!

Thank you Anneriek I am loving embracing each goddess' energy



The Goddess Sequences website is not just another website of yoga classes...


It is a rich opportunity to explore all aspects of yourself using the goddesses to guide you.  


It is a divine experience that has offered me growth, healing, strength and wisdom, on and off the yoga mat, in ways I could not have imagined.



The Goddess Sequences gives a different perspective, leading to another level of awareness.


Understanding and learning about these goddesses, exploring and connecting to the subtle energies that they embody and how it reflects on my day to day life.


Isn’t it time
To turn your Heart
Into a Temple of Fire?” 

- Rumi

My experience was transformative.


I learnt so much about myself, life and what yoga is and what it isn’t.


Anneriek is truly one of a kind. She is such a beautiful, kind and compassionate soul with a wicked sense of humour and an intense yoga practice. 


A journey that goes beyond yoga poses and learning about the goddesses and gods. This course, this journey, is life changing.


Anneriek has given tools to truely heal and go to the depth of traumas I didn’t even know were holding me back. With Anneriek and these deities, I have connected deeply to life, to my heart and my true authentic self.


Powerful, intense inner work being held in a space so supportive and so loving. A gift, a life changing next level course.


I loved the Shiva program, it helped me explore and understand myself and others as well, It has helped me confront things in my past, no matter how small, face them and understand them. It has helped me be more free within myself and have a better outlook on life.


The Shiva Sequences have been a catalyst for healing the wounded masculine aspects of myself and my life experience.


I have felt held and seen by both Anneriek and Robbie, who are beautiful facilitators and space holders. I felt safe to go to really deep in some of the practices and so supported by the group. This is the healing salve us as humans so desperately need.


Anneriek and Robbie are very talented teachers whom created a very safe setting .


So after learning about the goddesses last year I was quite curious to follow this year the Shiva sequence and learn more and more about the archetypes. It is a beautiful way for learning and growing. Everything is also accessible online.


I live in Europe. Connecting with the others is so precious. I really recommend this course.


A life changing experience of self examination and growth while learning and understanding my masculine qualities and embracing them unapologetically. The whole experience handled with real love and care by Anneriek and Robbie. The Shiva gods so so so good!!!


If you try to tame her, she will fly away
because pretty little spirits like her 
never like to be caged.” 

- Nikki Rowe

“If you are thinking of doing the goddess sequences or goddess YTT, your expectations will be far exceeded! 

I joined Goddess YTT to help with my practice and for teaching inspiration, but gained so much more on a personal growth level - as is standard with any of Anneriek’s offerings!


She goes above and beyond to deliver something truly magical and transformative, and it will not disappoint! Thank you Anneriek! Can’t wait to continue my journey with you 🙏”


I have found better connection with my own femininity, my self. 


The course
not only allowed growth professionally but personally. 
Anneriek’s vast knowledge and approach in teaching is exceptional.


I am so glad I decided to join Goddess YTT. It is so much more than one would expect and I have gained so much during this course….


Thank you Anneriek 🙏🏽❤️


I signed up to the Goddess Sequences to broaden my teaching style and understanding of yoga, but what I didn't expect to get was a broader and deeper understanding of myself! 


It has been amazing, eye opening and transformative. 

Anneriek is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and I look forward to further teacher trainings and courses lead by her. This journey of unfolding and deep diving within has been truly amazing!


So blessed to have been part of your Goddesses and Gods sequences as it has enriched my life and given me lifelong teachings to support my journey in such a positive way and every day brings new awakenings.

Thank you Anneriek for helping me grow …


I am so very grateful. Endless love to you and my Tribe always 💕💕💕


This journey was something so unique and powerful, it took me to depths within myself, it dragged up the mud and stagnant beliefs, it activated higher levels of awareness within me and ultimately freed me to experience more love and compassion for myself in all the aspects of my life. I felt truely supported like never before, I was seen, heard and accepted by all the beautiful goddesses that journeyed with me. 


Anneriek created such a safe and accepting space her delivery of wisdom and insight was profound and easily understood and applied to my life, for the benefit of not only myself but all those that surround me. I'm truely beyond grateful and so looking forward to the next journey with the gods.


All women are goddesses, and it's just a matter of letting that goddess power shine - and if you don't try to be the biggest and baddest damn goddess you can be, you are selling yourself short.” 

- Kimora Lee Simmons

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