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Revealed Sacred Poems PDF by Anneriek Favelle

"Revealed" - Sacred Poems - PDF


PDF version, 40 pages, includes 38 heartfelt, inspirited poems inspired by the exploration of our inner goddess and shiva, the divine feminine and masculine essence within.


These inspirational poems have been written by Anneriek on her journey over a period of two years as she travelled with the goddesses and gods herself. They are a reflection of the insigths, the depths and the transformation created by this program.


Each  Day a Little  More

by Anneriek


Only now

that I have felt the pain


Deep down in my essence

In the dark place of wanting to forget

Underneath the smiles

The jokes

The bullshit and the lies

Deep in the muddy waters

Of my undiscovered truth

Only now

That I have screamed

Yelled and cursed your name

Out loud

Cried tears for your neglect

For my striving

For my never feeling good enough

Only now

Showing up in my despair

Sharing my story

Showing my broken

Imperfect self

Defenceless, without glory

Only now 

Can I say

I love myself

Each day a little more

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