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Remember Your Magnificence

When your feminine energy is balanced you nurture qualities like expression of beauty, collaboration, empowerment, compassion and fluidity. There's a receptive and open feeling in this type of energy. It is intuitive, fast and energised.


The balanced feminine strength comes from your soul and knowing who you are. It allows you to be so centred in your light that you don’t fear your shadows. You will find your inner power in places where most are unwilling to travel. It allows you to manifest your inner goddess.

The Goddess Practices will help you to do just that. It helps you remember your own magnificence as a woman. 

How to Sign Up..

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  • You receive an email to get INSTANT access to all the practices and the community through your Internet browser and/or the Goddess App​​

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  • Goddess Practices

    Lifetime Access to The Goddess Practices

This Is For You If You:

Want to learn more about yourself and better understand why you do what you do

Are looking for a holistic yoga program

Like yoga and enjoy Strong Vinyasa flow, Gentle Flow and/or Yin yoga classes

Want to be inspired for your own home practice

Are intrigued by Hindu mythology and like to get to know the goddesses and their archetypes better

Like to understand how to increase the feminine essence in your life

Like having access to an online yoga platform with a variety of meaningful practices to choose from

Want to have a more authentic and balanced life

Are interested in connecting to your inner wisdom

Want to be part of a group of like-minded women

What do I Exactly Get?

Access through your Internet browser and/or your own App


Inspiration for your home practice!

Expert guidance by an experienced teacher

Learn about your feminine qualities and shadows

Online access to over 100 transformational yoga, meditation and breath work sessions

Including Strong Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga and Gentle Lunar Flow yoga classes,
each reflecting the energy of a goddess archetype

Clear, Practical and Transformative information for each of the 11 goddess archetypes:
Her story, qualities and shadows help you create real change in your life.


Music Playlists, Poems, online Community.

Priority access to Coaching sessions, Teacher Training Programs and Retreats.

The Goddess Sequences has given me a beautiful and unique path to deepen my yoga practise. Anneriek is such a special and gifted teacher, and her classes are creative, challenging and inspiring. 


The site is easy to navigate and each goddess has something unique to offer.
A rich and empowering experience awaits you!


The classes are a great mix of lunar and solar flows allowing me to honour what I need in my yoga practice from day to day, yin practices, music playlists, meditations.... everything is there. 


I am so grateful for this beautiful and powerful program.
Not only do I get to practice creative and empowering Yoga flows but I am also transported, with every new Goddess, in a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.



Programs & Teacher Trainings

  • 21 Short & Sweet Practices

    Lifetime Access to 21 Yoga and Meditation Practices for every day wellness
  • Goddess Practices

    Lifetime Access to The Goddess Practices
  • Shiva Practices

    Lifetime Access to The Shiva Practices
  • Learn to Meditate

    30 Day Self-directed Effortless Meditation Course
  • Goddess 150hr YTT

    Every month
    Goddess 150hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
    Valid for 12 months
  • Shiva 100hr YTT

    Every month
    Shiva 100hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
    Valid for 12 months
  • 250hr YTT

    Every month
    250hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training
    Valid for 12 months
  • Coaching Session

    Coaching Session with Anneriek
    Valid for 2 months
  • 6 Coaching Sessions

    Six one-on-one coaching sessions with Anneriek
    Valid for 6 months
  • Couples Coaching Program

    Experience the Ultimate Relationship Boost tailored for you and your partner.
    Valid for 6 months
  • Couples Coaching Session

    90 minute session
    Valid for 6 months
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