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Goddess Mysts by Pureheart Alchemy

Goddess Mysts by Pureheart Alchemy


Complete your practice with these divinely smelling and balancing Goddess Mysts by Pureheart Alchemy

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Soulflame - ABUNDANCE - firing the inner furnace of optimism to the woman who is wild at heart!

Myst of fire and water, activating regeneration and charging vital forces, encouraging transformation through beauty.



Wild Divine - BALANCE - Sacred Feminine Myst bringing balance to the multi-dimensional woman!

Coconut Orchid essence made on the Island of Morea, considered by some as the heart chakra island of the world



Lemurian - ALIGNMENT - Nourishing our cosmic waters and aligning to cycles and seasons for soothing and calm. Refreshing the energetic field through essence and scent medicine this myst waters our internal gardens for hydration and rejuvenation.




Capturing the grand design of Divinity~in~Nature, Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practice of bottling the energetic healing essence of the great teacher plants of the ages.


Pureheart Alchemy's Intention is to assist men and women to centre within their own divine-heart essence and inspire them to embody the highest expression of their unique creative spirit through the nurturing energy of plants.


From 'Seed to Scent', we lovingly grow our flower essence plants in our own garden, and each batch of Pureheart Alchemy creations are hand-crafted with care. In alignment with our values, we choose consciously at each stage of the journey, so that our plant creations are high in quality, purity and integrity.

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